Developing Creative Discipline – part 4

July 1, 2020
Bob Eckhard

Hi all,

Today we look at a creative discipline so far untouched- I refer of course to the ongoing professional development which we should really be about all the time (but seldom are unless it is timetabled into our schedule).

Now, while most writers understand professional development in terms of listening to lectures, attending screenwriting festivals, watching instructional videos online and getting help from script editing services, there is one aspect that is often set aside. I refer of course to reading that book which was an impulse buy at the screenwriting festival and has since rested on a shelf in a corner, gathering dust. (And can I add sometimes a book can be totally dire and the reluctance to read it is totally justified. But what to do if not? How do you develop a routine to read every day?)

Well, referring back to my magnetic board idea – find it by clicking here  – one of the things that has really helped me is being obligated to read some pages from a book each day in order to keep on track with my own objective to hit a certain score by the end of the week. Now, it’s possible you have a pristine book waiting to be read but if you don’t, I do think ‘The Story Book’ by David Baboulene’ is illuminating on so many levels.

I first met David when he was acting as a script advisor at The Enter the Pitch finalist training weekend  a few years ago. During the weekend, he did several sessions to help us with the story structure of our short films using an Aristolean approach of Hermatia, Perepatia and Agnasoris (sp?) which was really useful. However, I do recommend this book as I think he really does offer a really unique way to rethink structure and the rules surrounding the story itself.

Anyway, whatever dusty book is on the shelf or sitting on the lamp stand,  can I encourage you to find a way to develop a habit to read it daily so that you can learn and use its pearls of wisdom to develop further as a writer.

Til next time!

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