(4×60 Supernatural TV drama serial)

Logline: An angelic encounter in a remote hamlet leaves seven neighbours with the task of passing on the prophesy given to them by God which when revealed will bring about the end of the world. Only problem is not all of them are ready to end their earthly life.



Live Forever

(coming soon)



Steadman’s Calling

(6×60 police TV drama series)

Logline: Fighting attempts from his new chief superintendent to close down the cold case unit, DS Steadman navigates a difficult path as he manages his team and their issues as they solve murders, all the while preparing himself for ordination into the Anglican Church.


Among Us

(6×60 Sci-fi series)

Logline: ‘When two detectives are seconded by MI6 to locate identical female twins deemed a threat to national security, no-one involved is aware of what they are getting themselves into.’




The Lost Alien

(6×60 Science-fiction mystery series)

Logline: ‘A self-serving tour guide must overcome his emotional and physical cowardice to help an alien find missing technology and save the world.’



Ruskin’s Jailer

(6×60 Supernatural TV series)

Logline: ‘When a teenager develops the ability to enter the underworld and restore those who have recently died, he finds himself caught between his adoring fans and government officials keen to harness his power.’

Read sample from Ruskin’s Jailer



(6×60 Science-fiction thriller series)

Logline: ‘When an airliner arrives forty years after its departure, flight captain Robert Cave must discover who is responsible before the passengers and crew are silenced forever.’

Read sample from In-Flight.















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