The Lost World of Malcolm Ridge (Tabard Theatre, July 2019) – click image for info

Performed in July 2019, this full length play tells the story of cryogenic survivor Malcolm Ridge who awakes in the 22nd century to a world that is alien to him in terms of culture and truth. The play explores themes around what a future world might look like where the absolutes of modernity are no more and every idea is true.


Fifteen Minutes (Paul Darby Award Finalist 2014)

Performed script in hand at Questor’s Theatre, Ealing. Fifteen Minutes charts a group of celebrity wannabes who find themselves in a strange environment with no recollection of how they got there. Moreover, having entered, they find they are unable to leave until they work out the dark secret held by one of them which is keeping them there.


This is not my Beautiful House. (Steyning Festival Winner 2014)

This four-hander satire on government and muticultural policy was performed in a house on the festival trail during The Steyning Festival.     Tagline: ‘There’s one too many tenants in the house and Government wants him out.’

Click image for photos of the play being performed at the festival



Of Fish and Insect.  (Scribblerfest Competition Winner 2011)

This short play was one of  ten performed over four days at South Hill Park, Bracknell. The play explores enigmatic science professor Louis Agassiz as he mentors and coaches a young student in the art of scientific observation.