Writing animation – part 1

May 21, 2019
Bob Eckhard


Today, we begin a 3 part series on writing animation which will be delivered as a drip feed over the next two months as my own project develops (see below). The attached notes on ‘Writing for Animation’¬†were taken during a session with Barbara Slade and I’d really recommend you attending one of her seminars should you get the chance as her teaching and insight into the industry is excellent.

Now, I’m not sure sure how this opportunity came about but a few weeks ago I was approached by an animation company to flesh out a storyline for their feature. True to the Hero’s Journey, I refused the call – moreso because my experience of animation is limited to a couple of spec scripts for children’s cartoons – but relented when they explained how it’s a compelling ‘story’ they are looking for. I offer that last moresel as herein lies one of the keys to getting work read and produced.

Now, back to the writing!

Find my notes from Barbara’s class here

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