Five reasons why writing a low budget feature is a good move!

January 28, 2020
Bob Eckhard

Hi all,

As many of you will know, I am on a mission to encourage writers to write that which can be produced. The thinking being that a low-budget writer has more chance of seeing their work produced than one with a 100 fab screenplays that never won a competition (or if they did, were never made into a film).

Now, let me say that it was never my initial intention to write low budget feature ‘ ‘Blossom.’ (Currently, I have just completed the first draft but plans are afoot!)

Initially, ‘Blossom’ began as a short film about a deaf child that I wrote for friend for his final year film-school project. (The initial idea was his). However, in writing this 20 page short  I came to realise that I’d just written a quarter of a screenplay – in actual fact, the section that ran from the end of act 1 to the midpoint of act 2 (albeit with a different ending) – which got me thinking:

‘how easy would it be to extend the short into a screenplay that is low concept yet high on drama?’

Enter Kate Rowlands at a Euroscript event where her observation about how those who write high concept always need to work harder to bring the drama out in their story. As a creative who has a multitude of high concept ideas – more than I can ever write or see produced –  her advice HIT ME like a ton of bricks because I suddenly understood all those reader’s comments about my characters not being on the page (etc).

So what are the five reasons for writing a Low Budget Feature?

  1. It is your best chance of seeing your screenplay being picked up and made.
  2. If someone else doesn’t make it, you can always crowd/fund and produce it yourself.
  3. The nature of writing low budget projects should lend themselves naturally to confrontations that are big on human drama and not explosions.
  4. You as the writer might also choose to direct your film – after all, you wrote it.
  5. The finished film  (if well made) will be a calling card that should open doors in the industry for you as writer, director and producer.

Okay, til next time…

Boldly go!


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