Thinking production – try radio!

July 23, 2019
Bob Eckhard

Hi all,

Following my exhortation in last week’s post to think outside the box and find other mediums/formats to produce your stories, I thought I’d start with a quick update about my play ‘The Lost World of Malcolm Ridge’ which had a short run from 15th-20th July at the Tabard Theatre.

Now, whilst it didn’t garner the same sized audiences as the farce did earlier in the year, its concepts and futuristic storyline did generate a lot of interest from those who attended with several requesting to read the script – which bodes well for it as a radio show hopefully.

Anyway, travelling home one night after the show, it occured to me that the idea I initially rejected out of hand – namely, making a feature film – wasn’t such a bad idea after all. Mainly because, I now have a cast of 5 actors who know the script and characters,  limited scene requirements – it’s quite dark dystopian – but also

  • I do happen to have friends with a large house and very large room who are planning on going away for a couple of weeks next autumn
  • The actors won’t need to be trehearsed in quite the same way
  • And most important of all, perhaps this is the easiset opportunity I will have of making a guerilla type feature film with minimum costs

All of which means my updated list of formats for  ‘The Lost World of Malcolm Ridge’ are”

  1. stage play? DONE!
  2. radio play? WORK IN PROGRESS
  3. feature?      PLANNING STAGE

Okay, the second part of writing for radio (taken at  a session of the London Screenwriter’s Festival last year) can be found by clicking here

and also this link (below) is helpful for consideration of the pros and cons with writing for radio,  including how to find that elusive producer

Now, off you g0 – no dilly-dallying,  get writing and get something made!!!


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