Ways to get ahead – part 3

November 18, 2020
Bob Eckhard

Continuing our mini-series on the best way to pitch your projects – that is ¬†images with narrated storyline OR a talking head to camera, I’d like to introduce my ‘Weighing Room’ pitch as an example of how the accompanying sensorial effects can generate emotion in the viewer. Click here to watch.

Actually, when I say watch, I also mean ‘listen’ as the opening narration is enhanced by music and other sounds to set up the spooky supernatural setting even without the images. The drawn images of a skeleton head, dissected lungs, a spectre hovering over the bed (etc) are all enhanced by the ghoulish music that accompanies it – in much the same way that the Duffer Brothers used their Stranger Things pitch document to shown the tone of the series and create a sensorial experience for the producers who would later green light it- find that by clicking here.

Another use for these short visual pitches is that you also have a ready made URL of your idea for agents, producers, backers etc. Also, a pitch that can be put onto your writer website for other sites. What’s not to like?

Til next time!

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