Bereft of ideas? Reach for the camera!

August 23, 2019
Bob Eckhard

( photo taken close to the source of the River Blackwater which rises in the mountains outside of Killarney.)

Okay,  first things first. Apologies for this late blog. Also, for the post I missed altogether last week. That said, I have been in Ireland filming for a  fortnight, capturing anything that caught my eye or I thought would make a great accompaniment to a poem or inspire a narrated short story, etc.

Now, while the image (above) was taken as an aide memoire to the footage I’d filmed on my camera, I was suddenly reminded of how in my last post   I observed that most writers baulk at the prospect of producing their work because learning new skills or making it happen becomes too daunting for them – and yet here, using a digital camera (perhaps the one on your mobile phone) is the first step to framing your shot and sequencing your story. Dare I say it? Perhaps even improving how you describe your scene or character? What part of scene is seen first? What is striking about the person?

All of which got me thinking about how most of us possess a camera yet never consider using it to inform or assist our creativity. Or plot out the storyline for that matter. Indeed, an interesting photograph should raise questions and inspire us to that world and what storylines might result. If you have a few seconds try it out for yourself using the photos below (taken while moving around Ireland). Til next time,


(ps photos 1 and 3 have the most interesting real-life stories – click here to see larger image of the 4 photos)





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