‘Click or attach?’ (part 1)

November 12, 2019
Bob Eckhard

Hi all,

This week we consider the dilemma facing writers when submitting a speculative outline of their project to a production company or responding to a ‘call out’ for scripts. Here, I’m talking about the inner turmoil of:

  • will my script advance? (Also know as, will I get it past the gatekeeper assigned to reading it?)
  • have I presented my project in the best possible way so that it generates interest and follow up?
  • have I maximised the likelihood that the potential of the script will make it through to production?

Okay, the focus here is not on helping people to write better loglines, concise summaries, engaging treatments, or ‘wow’ factor scripts because you can find all that on the Internet. However – as any writer who has ever submitted a script to a competitions or a production company will tell you – getting people interested in your project is not easy, especially if you are taking a chance on a speculative endeavour – aka ‘cold calling. And that is one of the main problems with scripts that are rejected because the individual you are emailing has not personally requested it from you and  (more importantly) they don’t know you.

Now, aside from the fact that there is a very thin line between being bold and becoming a nuisance, it is also likely that the person who is about to open your email may have just finished doing a thousand things that day and your introductory prose with its accompanying attachment of a 90 page script (great as it is) is just too long to read. So much so that it is far easier for the person to set it to one side rather than engage with it.

So, what to do? Well, over the coming weeks, I will outline in this short series a few things you might go to get others to consider your work. Okay with this in mind lets do a little experiment – imagine you are the producer/director who has just received an email from a writer about a short film – do you:

  1. click the hyperlink and watch the narrated short film OR…
  2. open the attachment which contains one page treatment of the short film for you to read?

Okay…decision time (choose one only) WATCH SHORT FILM STORYBOARD by clicking https://www.enterthepitch.com/watch/kings-of-urban/


READ THE ONE PAGE VERSION which can be downloaded by clicking here. 

Til next week…

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