Presenting the whole package

October 7, 2020
Bob Eckhard

PHOTO: Bob Eckhard

Hi all,

This week I came across a 10 min video that TV and screenwriters may find useful when developing or presenting their projects.

After watching it, my first response was to save the video for future reference then print-off the prose and store it in my TV file.

Originally named the ‘Montauk Project’ – the TV series is better known to most people as ‘Stranger Things.’ What is really interesting is how the team – in attempting to work out the tone of the show – adopted a sensorial approach as they called upon the cinematic influences of their youth. A descriptive and visual mood-board in which sound, pictures, posters, visuals, emotions (etc) all find their way into the pitch document.

It seems the pitch document was enough to impress the producers, even if the name did change to ‘Stranger Things.’ You can watch the video by clicking here

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