Why producing your own script may be good for health and well-being? (part 4)

May 20, 2021
Bob Eckhard

Hi all,

Today I’d like to explore how the creative decision to produce can have a positive affect on health and well-being.

Unlike occupations in which the outcome of our labour and hard graft is instantaneous in that we receive a wage/salary, this unfortunately is not the experience for the majority of  writers. While the teacher will be paid for helping the children in class, staff in a store will be complimented by the grateful customer, the lecturer will take a bow at the end of an insightful seminar and the taxi driver who takes him/her home will be paid and (hopefully) receive a generous tip, most writers do not experience these positive encouragements.

Indeed, while many occupations in the world result in gratitude, encouragement and acclamation, the majority of writers do not experience this, not because their work is undeserving but because it is yet unseen – and here we touch upon the world of gatekeepers and the writer’s quest to find a way around them so that their script can be placed in front of the person who can make it into a film, novel, television series, play, etc.

Sadly, the majority of writers discover too late that becoming a produced writer is far harder than they imagined. So what’s the answer?

Produce yourself!

Write a play and set about putting it on at a theatre! Gather creatives around you and make a short film! Buy the Stop-motion app to create an animation film by manipulating plastercine models, filming it on your mobile phone, etc…The opportunities are endless  but in actuality, what is really needed is:

a changed mindset that breaks out of the cycle of continuous writing of stories (that will not be made) into producing your own work.

In short, a change in thinking that determines to sidestep the gatekeeper by taking it from the page and placing it in front of a live audience – be that theatre, web or screen or whatever. Only as we do this and others gain access to our work will our potential be realised. Moreover, we will become more fulfilled, positive and confident in our writing ability as it brings other opportunities our way.

Until next week…



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