Why not make a film poem?

February 12, 2020
Bob Eckhard

Hi all,

As some of you will know, I am a big advocate of producing your own work – by that I mean, in addition to whatever you are writing and submitting to competitions you should also be getting things made – like a stage play, or monologue, or podcast, or short animation, or film or whatever. Here’s why:

Last year, my comedy farce premiered at a theatre which was great in itself. However, just as important is what has resulted since then in which I have :

  •  assisted a producer to develop a bespoke comedy script idea for TV commissioners
  • written two TV format ideas for a Sky producer – both projects are still on-going work in progress
  • advised a friend on his first stage play and will direct it this year. Moreover (if funding is successful) I will also get paid for doing it.

Now, I tell you this – not to big myself up – but to encourage you to not rely on writing prowess alone for as many writers have come to realise, a competition win does not always open doors into the industry in the way they anticipated.

Let me add here that I know the idea of picking up a camera and making a short film generates apprehension for most writers – myself included – because it involves us working outside of our skillset. However, we should not allow that to limit us.

With this in mind, the next few posts will offer an easy introduction into storyboard and basic filmmaking that requires a poem, a camera (or mobile phone) that can record sound – and of course the desire to see something made!

So the task for this week is to create a poem. In true Blue Peter style, below you will find one that I prepared earlier (26 years ago to be exact)

Those of you interested in making a poem film over the next month, please find instructions to creating a poem film challenge by clicking here

and hopefully we can move from being poet to producer by mid-March?

Til next time, keep it creative!

(My poem for this project)

Back Road to Ballingeary

Behind the lake to Brigadoon

A place for sheltered lives

Ancient cottage, rustic farm

Stone slab bridge over simpering stream

And up the track to see the world

Gorgane Barra – shining like glass

© Bob Eckhard

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