Thinking production – what about stage?

July 29, 2019
Bob Eckhard

Hi all,

Hot on the heels of last week’s post on how writing for radio might be an easier option for producing your story idea (that you once imagined as a TV pilot or screenplay), I’d like to talk about the value of writing for the stage.

My reason for doing this is that like most writers on social media who indulge themselves from time to time by commenting on a TV pilot idea or tweaking a screenplay logline to make it watertight, it is very clear that storyline very often breaks into that which is either high or low concept. Or put another way: something that can be easily adapted for the stage or not.

So, while a story about a cult in which two sisters (protagonists) plan to escape (goal) the despotic leader (antagonist) before they are killed (jeopardy) has just as much potential of being powerfully realised on the stage as it has being filmed. The only difference being that putting on a professional stage play may work out considerably cheaper and easier to make than a feature film.

Which begs the questions:

  1. Is there potential that your fantastic story idea might fare better as a stage play?
  2. Might the production of it as a successful stage play open doors towards it being made as a film or TV series later on?

Okay, follow this link to the page where you can download sessions 1-4 on how to start developing your stage writing craft. For those experienced in playwriting it might seem a bit basic though it is worth noting that the course was developed for schools and universities by a number of groups that include Bush Theatre, St Martins College and practitioners like John Yorke. And for those interested, this link for the review of my recent play and how these may help in the process of getting future work development – or at least, giving  actors, writers, directors and producers, encouragement.

Til next week, keep thinking and writing outside of the box!

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