Ways to get a head start – pitching (part 1)

November 4, 2020
Bob Eckhard

Today we start a mini-series on pitching – and let me say from the outset, these posts are not a ‘how to pitch’ guide because you’ll find lots of advice about that on the Internet. No – these posts are more about the decisions we take in the way we pitch our projects. Curious? Then read on…

A few years ago, I entered a short film competition called ‘Enter The Pitch.’ Actually when I say film, it is probably better described as an ‘ideas’ competition in which you record a two minute pitch to camera for your short film idea. The winner secures £25K to make their short film and a chance to take it to Hollywood – a great prize because (when I entered) it cost nothing and there were less than a 100+ films initially. (Oh yeah and it also has to link up in some way with a story from the Bible)

Now, the first time I entered the competition, having seen that most pitches were people sitting in front of draped sheet (presumably their living room), I decided to create a water colour painted storyboard and asked an actor friend to narrate over it. Now, even though my painted images were pretty amateurish,  it did tell the story and get me onto the next round.  Why? Because it was more engaging to watch than me talking into a camera.

Okay, think about all those times you have sent off a speculative one page to a potential director or producer. If you were that person opening an email who is faced with the choice of clicking a weblink and watching a short film OR reading through a half page of text – what would you do?  (Yeah, me too!)

Find the filmed version of my short pitch by clicking here

Til next week

Keep it reel! (orthographic mistake intended!)



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