Sidestep the gatekeepers and get produced.

February 14, 2019
Bob Eckhard

Hi peeps

Sorry – no writing resource today but instead, something far more valuable. Advice on how to get your work and talent in front of people for consideration. Interested? Read on.

As some of you may remember, I blogged a few months ago about my intention to make 2019 my year of production. Find it here.

The first of my projects – a comedy farce – finished last Saturday having receiving an extended two-week run at the Theatre. Now, great as it’s been to work with actors and see the project realised, a major insight came to me in the break between the two runs. Attending a networking event for writers, directors producers and other creatives (that I’d been along to in the past)  I was aware how this time people were now taking me seriously because I  had actually produced something – in this instance, live theatre but it could just as easily have been a short film or trailer or whatever.

My decision to bring along the extended run flyers to the event (see below) in the hope of garnering more ticket sales also proved instrumental in people engaging and treating me differently.


Answer- Because I was now someone who was making things happen.

What I didn’t anticipate that evening was meeting a respected filmmaker who was seeking a writer for a project. Reading the flyer, he requested the (play) script which I sent him and he has since come along to the farce and forwarded me his project/treatment which we’ll chat about when we meet.

Now, hopefully, none of you will think I’m blowing my own trumpet here because that is not my intention. What I really want writers to understand is that the route to seeing your work move from a script to something on the screen requires more than just writing – don’t get me wrong, your writing should be great but it also requires your own procactive decision to bypass the gatekeepers and get your project made if that’s what it takes.

In closing, I write this a day after a friend of mine has just advertised her play happening at a theatre just off the West End in a few months time – my thoughts are it will advance her career.

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