‘Click or attach? (part 3)

November 27, 2019
Bob Eckhard


Hi all,

And welcome to part three of our ‘click or attach?’ mini-series, looking at the alternative approaches writers might consider when sending their fantastic idea to a producer. If you haven’t read the first two posts – you can do that now by clicking here and here.

However, for those of you know the rules of this game: you are the hardworking producer that has come home late at night from a long day on the set to find a writer (you kind of encouraged at the festival)  has now sent an email about their project. You’re tired. You’re weary  – so which one of the two options (below) do you choose? Do you- click…

a link to watch the short video he sent?  or the attachment to download the document to read?

Your choice: watch or read? Choose one from the two blue links above.

(Can I add here a really big thank you to Lincoln Fenner of Creation Box Films for providing both video and prose for this week’s post.) All the best with the project Lincoln!


Til next week. Keep writing and thinking outside of the box!

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