Why producing yourself might be the best thing yet! (part 3)

October 29, 2019
Bob Eckhard

Hi all,

Firstly, apologies to those who are reading this post and wondering what happened to my promised blog of ‘Why producing yourself will be good for health and wellbeing?’ Rest assured, it’s coming but has been temporarily shelved until next week because…

…I came across a series of tweets from writer, director, and producer Chris McQuarrie which fits well with last week’s post ¬†about how creatives are more likely to advance within the industry if they consider developing production potential as much as their writing. Now I’m not entirely sure what inspired Chris McQuarrie’s thread – other than being entirely dismayed at writers who continue to submit script after script to competitions in the hope that one day they will ‘win’ and/or be ‘discovered’- but he is passionate that to ‘just’ write scripts is not enough.

In his thread, Chris McQuarrie¬†uses the word ‘Lottery’ to define the fallacy of people entering screenwriting competitions in the hope that this approach will result in an agent, producer, director or screenwriting commision coming their way when the cold hard truth is that for the majority of writers (bar an elect few) it will not happen!

In short, Chris McQuarrie’s thread is a wake up call to screenwriters everywhere to consider other things they should consider doing rather than hope that their great script (aka as lottery ticket) this time round will win and make their dteams come true. Read Chris McQuarrie’s excellent thread by clicking here

Til next week, keep writing and thinking outside the box, considering what else you could do to engage with the industry to make things happen for yourself (and others)! All the best!

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