Write it once, find three different ways to produce it?

July 18, 2019
Bob Eckhard

Hi all,

Today we begin another mini-series  – this time connected with maximising writing and production.  Inspired by a phrase that Chris Jones used on a Talent Campus session on ‘Social Media’  where he instructed us that when writing a blog, to make sure it is posted across a range of outlets/pages. His exact words were:

‘write it once, post it three* times.’   (* though insert larger numbers here)

In other words, if you are going to spend time writing something, make sure it finds its way into as many hands as possible. Which brings me to my great insight of recent weeks. An insight that has changed the way that I think about projects and production. What do I mean?

Well, as I write this piece, I currently have a play on at a theatre in Chiswick. Now, although its run at the Tabard  will finish this Saturday, I have already begun to adapt the story into a radio script which I will then submit to a Radio producer with the intention of getting it on air. Interestingly, someone last night suggested that it might make an interesting futuristic film but I’m not convinced. However,  I do think it would possibly make an interesting short story or TV sitcom (if I was prepared to alter the genre). So write it once and The Lost World of Malcolm Ridge becomes :

  1. stage play?
  2. radio play?
  3. short story?
  4. possible sitcom?

All of which results in 4 possible ‘spin-off’ formats.

Okay, to get you thinking, please find the first of two Radio  handouts here. I’m sorry, but I can’t remember where this handout came from nor how it ended up in my files but please do advise if you know who the source author is and I will acknowledge and/or remove from files.

Til next time, happy formats!

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