Developing Creative Discipline – part 15

September 30, 2020
Bob Eckhard


Today’s post is the last of my book recommendations but ‘eyes up’ as there are a few must reads among them – not sure why the photo came out blurry? (User error presumably!)

The Coffee Break Screenwriter  (Pilar Allessandra) –  really useful guide to plotting, structuring and developing your script. Also, straightforward and informative as well as an easy read.

Reading Screenplays: How to analyse and evaluate film scripts(Lucy Scher) –  insight into the industry from the Reader’s perspective and what they look out for when reading a spec script

Writing Screenplays that Sell: (Michael Hauge) – a great book from a wise old head. He sets out  his stall to educate writers as to how their scripts might be made exciting,  entertaining and a must read.

How not to write a screenplay (Denny Martin) – easy to read, I worked my way through this book and learnt invaluable lessons as to what to avoid when writing and watch out for when editing.

Maverick Screenwriting (Josh Golding) –  a detailed book that exists to help writers create scripts that are different. It’s an easy read and (for me) provided a helpful insight into the different outcomes one should expect when developing concept driven and plot driven ideas (among other things).

Til next time….

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