Developing Creative Discipline – part 16

October 16, 2020
Bob Eckhard

Okay…I know I told you in the post (before last) that I’d reached the end of my book recommendations but then I remembered my Kindle device. Here are  a few more book recommendations I had omitted. (As author and title are listed on the screen, I will just add a quick précis beside each).

Insider’s Guide – an ‘okay’ read though I’m not sure it was as helpful as other books are.

Writing and Selling Thriller Screenplays – I am currently using  Lucy V Hay’s book as I prepare a thriller screenplay for the Netflix-Impact competition –  really useful tips /insight!

Writing for Emotional Impact – I cannot praise Karl Iglesias’ book enough! A must read if you want to write in ways that makes the producer read your script from start to finish!

The Negative Trait Thesaurus  –  really useful book (particularly in ebook format) for fleshing out your dysfunctional characters so that the flaw/issue is out there.

Emotional Amplifiers –  same as above but for positive traits (and not flaws).

1000 Awesome Writing Promptsa helpful book for writers who need a few story start prompts  to get them going on thinking around a story idea.

Obviously, all of these titles are cheaper and easily transported in ebook format but (for me) there’s something to be said for being able to highlight and make notes in a paperback.

Til next time


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