Creating and producing?

February 27, 2019
Bob Eckhard

Hi all,

Fifteen years ago, an interesting insight came to me while attending a less than inspiring seminar about the image of God at theological college.  Suddenly – as an aside – the lecturer stated that God might be better understood as Primary Creator. Or put another way, a Deity who from nothing, brings worlds and living things into existence. At once, I was ahead of him reasoning that if this was the case  – and that humans were made in the image of God – then we occupy the position of Secondary Creators who bring things into existence from that which has been made available to us.

Now, apologies for getting all theological but whether your believe in God or not – the important observation is that humans are designed to be creative. It’s the way we’re hardwired. Creating and developing things from scratch, be that art, music, films, stories, plays, garden layout, interior design, fashion, medical practice, architecture, rotas, parks (et al) all occur and are inspired from human ideas and thinking.

However, there’s a problem with this regarding the issue of life and existence which lies at the root of everything. We see this in Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs where our immediate needs must and should take precedence before everything else. The homeless or starving person does not think about writing a screenplay or novel while their basic needs are not being met. This is not to suggest they are somehow not creative, it’s just that their artistic, creative muscle (or self actualisation as Maslow observes it below) cannot be realised while other needs associated with survival are going unfulfilled.

Okay, now because many creatives never see their ideas realised, it is my intention to outline in the next five posts some practical ways to move your writing from paper to stage, radio, film, etc Til then, keep creating.



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