Being productive in testing times

May 20, 2020
Bob Eckhard

Hi all,

Hope you have been keeping well and safe? We live in strange times, indeed. Okay, apologies for the break from blogs but with every artistic organisation desperate to get their material out there (as much to assert their raison d’être), it seemed as if the Internet went into overdrive with a vast array of free online resources appearing overnight – too much in fact for the majority of us to make use of unless prepared to stay on the computer 24/7 for the year.

Now, I’m not sure about you but for me, the call to write, film or record pieces about living in isolation had absolutely no appeal.

While I appreciate others will enjoy creating work that also contains a carthartic benefit, I ‘m not sure the logic that suggests the long-term prisoner should write a story about living in solitary confinement actually works as an idea. Personally, if I was in prison, I’d write about where I’d want to be rather than where I am.

One of the interesting insights I had early on  – after social distancing became normative – was how these measures affected the ability to produce anything – and so for a time, I turned to radio and discovered that even it had its problems in recording unless the producer could also double as technician and actor.

Anyway, using zoom, some actor friends and I have started recording a sitcom developed from the comedy farce that was staged last year. Now, while that is a work in progress, I did dig out my short comedy ‘Waiting for Peter’ and with the help of actor friends Laura Ferrin and Thomas William Cove (who is also radio technician on it) produced my short radio play ‘Waiting for Peter’- find it by clicking here

It’s less than 8 minutes and funny (but then i would say that given I wrote it)

Til next time!


ps probably the hardest part in making it was finding someone with radio skill to create FX (special effects) and record – but people who can do it are out there!


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