Proactive and productive? (part 1)

January 3, 2020
Bob Eckhard

Hi all,

The other day I got to thinking about how disastisfying the whole process of writing can be for many writers – irrespective of whether they realise this or not.  Indeed, from the moment a writer begins to plan, outline, create and edit their masterpiece, they embark on a frustrating, exhilarating and exhausting experience. Not that they mind. After all, they are utilising creative thoughts and imagination, converting ideas onto paper, which is therapeutic in itself. And of course, because the writer also recognises that part of the process of gaining experience towards becoming a better writer requires them to write countless scripts, they continue on this treadmill in the hope that one day, one of their scripts will be singled out and they will be discovered, showcased and lauded. Sound familiar?

Now, while it is not my intention to burst anyone’s dream bubble in this (and future posts) I do believe that we – as writers and creatives – need to rethink what we are doing in regard to getting our work produced. The problem is that many writers cede responsibility for their screenplay, TV script, stage play, novel, radio idea onto others whose ‘yes’ or ‘no’ determines whether the work is produced or not. Regrettably, we also may unwittingly make such decision-makers the sole arbiters of our creative potential – inadvertently raising them to the position of a gatekeeper who then (unwittingly) limits our full potential when really the issue rests with ourselves. After all, isn’t it our responsibility to be the gatekeepr and become creative, proactive and productive in this process?

Okay, this term, I will be posting on how to make yourself more proactive and produce your own work this year – so look out for the series title ‘Proactive and productive?’ in future posts. Til then, may the creative force be with you in 2020!

(image: Tabard Theatre where my play was produced in July 19)

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