Poem film challenge

This is a new one for me also as I have yet to complete a poem film. The stages for this being

week 1 will require a 3-8 line poem ready for next week.

week 2 will require you to take photos or film (mobile phone) images to accompany your poem ready for…

week 3(A) that require you to:  use powerpoint, keynote or similar  to create a storyboard with words below the images (OR)

week 3 (B) that require you to record the poem so that it plays with your film or storyboard.

If you get as far as 3A you will have created a storyboard. If you get as far as 3B you will have created a short film and you can call yourself a producer!

(Obvious reminder – do not to use a poem if you do not own the copyright)

All the best,


ps Those that are made we can post online and send link for others to see…or not (its up to you!)