The Weighing Room (Enter the Pitch Shortlist 2016)

Set in 1901, the storyboard charts a dark historical mystery set in a nursing home where terminally ill millionaire Rupert has admitted himself in an attempt to save his soul. Son Peter – disinherited for earlier indiscretions – waits with nurse April as Doctor MacDougall leads Rupert into his room. Out of view, Peter and April embrace in a passionate kiss, excited that their plan to fleece Rupert of his millions is nearing completion. However, as the pair will discover, the course of deception is not without its twists and turns.




Ice from the North (Euroscript Screenwriting Competition Finalist 2015)

This 19th Century biopic tells the story of French-Swiss zoologist Louis Agassiz’s doomed marriage to Cecile Braun. Set in Switzerland where Louis is a lecturer in the newly founded college, the family struggle as his pursuit of science results in every penny being spent on research. A chance conversation leads Louis into the study of glaciers which, combined with poor money management, puts all in financial jeopardy as he attempts to prove to the scientific community that Europe was once covered in ice.


Kings of Urban (Enter the Pitch Finalist 2015)

Storyboard for urban drama short film about a teenage gang leader Jake who wreaks havoc on the community until elderly resident Hilary Jenks – a mystic who sees the future – moves onto the estate. Believing Jenks responsible for their activities being disrupted by the police and with a more lucrative plan imminent, gang leader Jake mobilises his gang to teach Hilary a lesson.

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The Visit (Enter the Pitch Shortlist 2014)

Science-fiction storyboard for Enter the Pitch competition. In a world where fertility and marriage are valued and the old and widowed considered obsolete, grandmother Maya fears losing everything when her son dies. Can the intervention of a mysterious visitor reverse her fortunes and end years of societal oppression?


Chance Storyboard – Bob Eckhard