Learning to write clever in a data world?

September 25, 2019
Bob Eckhard

Hi all,

A few weeks ago, I decided to catch up on all my unread emails – a huge task as there were 300+ Obviously, a lot of the circulars were easy to delete without reading, others not so…but then I came to the weekly email digest about all things film from writer, filmmaker and data researcher Stephen Follows. (Actually, I’ve met him at the London Screenwriters Festival back in 2013 and he’s a great guy).

Anyway, Stephen is the ‘go to person’ in the American Film Market and research industry and I guarantee that what he researches and writes about can and will help writers and filmmakers to rethink their strategy. Things like:

  • the advisable length of a screenplay for genres – not too long for comedy but make it really long for history (which scores high in US)
  • how a Christmas themed film that does not occur over that December holiday will not fare so well in the box office as one that does.
  • the affect of happy endings in film and the type/length of scripts that might fare better with gatekeeper readers.

Okay, find Stephen Follows blog/website by clicking here

Til next time…

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