Planning – the versatile magnetic whiteboard

December 20, 2019
Bob Eckhard

Hi all,

Sorry to be late with the last post of 2019 but I’ve had a few other issues to deal with. Suffice to say any New Year’s Resolution to be better organised in 2020 will still be dependent on the water company’s management of the street’s drain and the proclivity of mice to keep well away from the nooks and crannies of my house.

Okay, in the last two blogs I have posted on how I use small magnetic white boards for:

  1. admin purposes (competitions, stages of projects for film adnd writing)
  2. a large portable whiteboard to store screenwriting info in a 3 act structure  to ensure that which should be in my screenplay is actually there.

(You can find the respective links for each of these posts by clicking here and here)

Today, we turn our attention to the final magnetic board I use – one that I know is the workhorse for many screen and TV writers across the world. I refer of course to the large whiteboard often found mounted to the walls of homes and writersrooms – or any place where countless stories are plotted, edited, revisited, unintentionally to provoke tantrums and despair to the individuals using them, mulled over, wiped clean and on rare occasions, pulled from a wall and jumped up and down on in a fit of rage! Not me I might add! (Though I once took a hammer to a printer!)

Anyway, I really do recommend that if  your partner agrees (VERY IMPORTANT!) that you should consider investing in a large mounted whiteboard as I have found mine invaluable. One reason is that it can be used in so many ways. Everything from using pens to write/plot directly onto the board itself or using magnets to secure large sheets of paper to it as you plan story or create character arcs. And lastly, my favourite, using it to manouevre and reorganise the positions of your story scene grids in your script to ensure narrative is water-tight and that there are no inconsistencies in the plotting.

Okay, you can find an example of my lastest project  as constructed on a mounted white board by clicking here – it shows the various ways a whiteboard can be used. All the best and have a creative Christmas! Blessings….

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