Developing Creative Discipline – part 7

August 7, 2020
Bob Eckhard


Sorry for the late blog but it’s been a busy week. Obviously- with it being a Friday – it’s likely this blog won’t be read by many. Apparently, Wednesday is the day to post blogs for maximum views but it’ll be there as a resource reference that I can link to in future.

Okay, I came across this really helpful blog by Screencraft’s Ken Miyamoto on ‘Five things to remember before starting a screenplay.’

Now, while most people at this point will roll eyes and yawn at the prospect of being offered yet another blog in the ‘How to’ series, I did find this really useful.

And while, it is not a practical thing like putting up white boards  in your room, keeping records of competitions entered and work sent out, etc I do think it offers something in regard to the discipline of not just writing but editing afterwards.

If I tell you I was so taken with it that I immediately condensed it down into a 2 page guidance sheet for checking my scripts before sending them out, you’ll get an idea of how useful I believe it to be.

Obviously, what with it being  another writer’s work and without  permission to copy, edit and share my notes this time round, I am providing the link to his short article which can be found by clicking here. Personally, I think it may well revolutionise the way I prepare to write and edit in future. You can decide for yourselves.

Til next time…


ps His blog is rather wordy (sorry Ken) so I edited mine down to that which was useful to me and that might be something you want to do also?



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