Developing Creative Discipline – part 6

July 22, 2020
Bob Eckhard

Hi There

Following on from last week’s post- Developing Creative Discipline 5 about  utilising your contacts application as a memo reminder, today we look at organisation in the creative process.

Truth is that we writers (despite our protestations) love to write. Or put another way, we prefer to write over other aspects like networking, the physical effort of producing work, chasing up on potential collaborators and/or recording the who, what, when and where for future follow up?

How do I know this? Because like most creatives, I also struggle with these aspects of admin. You know, things like:

…emailing the person who gave you their card – you never know when she or he might have their own film company?

…following up on the director who liked the script that you emailed but never heard back from them?

…recording and updating the successful and not so successful placing of your scripts in competitions?

…devising rotas to ensure that a timetable so that projects will complete on time?

…ensuring that your creative writing is not rehashing the same old worn projects but including new ideas to be developed. (and so on and so on)

Now, while I’d like to say I’m hugely successful at doing these things. For me it is and will always be a work in progress but I am slowly getting better on the organisational side. After all, it’s providential for writers to have a record of  what script was sent where in 2018 and 2019 before you send in the same script yet again to the 2020 BBC Writersroom or wherever.

Okay, recently, I have started to use a board for admin purposes – see image above. I also  record the fate/success of projects in a book – not with some morbid reflection in mind like in the ‘Sufferings of Young Werther but because it’s also a record of how active I am, irrespective of end result. As such, the board (featured above) shows the state of play of

my short films and what needs to be done next towards completing them (Bottom RH)

my competition entries in 2020 (Bottom LH)

project completion – new and old (Top LH)

(and) self-generated project opportunities (top RH)

Hopefully, this will inspire some…til next time!

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