Developing Creative Discipline – part 5

July 8, 2020
Bob Eckhard

Hi all,

If you are anything like me- and the rest of the creative community – you may be finding it a struggle to keep your work area tidy. I know that keeping my desk clear can be quite a challenge as I am constantly writing post-it notes to myself for one or more projects which inevitably end up scattered in front of the keyboard. Why? Because, I don’t want to forget what I’ve just thought of that will make my script really great but at the same time, I don’t want to exit into the LH side of the brain by getting all methodical and rational as I leave the desk to squirrel it away in some filing cabinet or folder.

As you will probably know, when we are being creative, there is a tendency for us to use the RH side of the brain (for ideas, creative thinking, imaginative writing, drawing, etc).  Our rational thoughts – those that are analytical, methodical, calculating, organising (etc) require us to use the other (LH) side of the brain – and herein lies the problem.

The transit from the creative activities to rational thinking does not bode well for a return to the creative because it is hard to transit between them – particularly after long periods of rational thinking then going back into creative mode – so what to do? Short answer, spend as little time as possible writing down notes and filing them when you are writing story etc.

Now, I have managed to do this to some measure and – although it’s still a work in progress for me – I have commandeered my contacts system for storing any and all other information that comes into my head when writing. Yes, my contacts are still on there but now they are stored along with other things that will also come up in an instant when searched for using words like ‘idea’, ‘note’, ‘film’ (etc).

So, if I come across a useful definition of ‘farce’, I copy and paste it into my contacts folder under that name. Likewise, if I come across a quote I might use in the future or memorable dialogue or an idea for a film, I copy, paste and store them in my data base too.  All of which means that if you have an idea while writing or the computer and  you want to store it fast and get back to the writing and look at it an hour, day, month, years later, you can!  I have posted a few as a pdf which you can find  by clicking here so you can get an idea of the multitude of uses for the contacts application on your computer – give it a try so that next time you can file away that idea or thought quickly and return to your creative writing in an instant with losing creativity. Til next week!

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