Developing Creative Discipline – part 14

September 24, 2020
Bob Eckhard

Hi all,

This week we consider an aspect of creative discipline that is often not adhered to. I refer of course to time spent at the computer – and I will confess here that I am not that great at disciplining myself to the 20-30min writing segments with a break to exercise or divert eyes away from the screen. If you’re anything like me, when you’re in full creative flow and the egg-timer beeps rapidly or you notice the last few grains of sand falling into the 30 min hourglass, this is the last thing you want – after all, you’re in the moment and words are flowing.You don’t want to stop now. And yet, if you don’t stop now, then when? An hour? Two hours? Lunchtime?

Truth is we need to take breaks from the computer because sitting too long is not good for our circulation, posture, core muscles (etc). Likewise, straining our eyes as we continually focus on a computer screen does not help us either – and can I add here that if you work on a computer a lot, you would do well to invest in eye drops to keep your eyes moist as staring at a screen will dry them out.

Whether it’s an online timer from the Internet, an hourglass or kitchen timer, we need to find ways to bring healthy discipline into our day so that our epic is not written the at expense of our eyesight, health and fitness. That way, we can be creatively in the game for the long-haul.

For that 5 minute break Рremoving yourself from the computer,  going into another room, actively engaging in exercise and/or looking out into the distance to reorientate eyesight, are all useful ways to make sure your break happens away from the computer. All the best!

Til next week….

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