Developing Creative Discipline – part 10

August 26, 2020
Bob Eckhard


I never thought we’d get into double figures with this series on developing creative discipline but here we are!

And for this tenth blog in the series,  we return to something posted on previously which is about understanding ourselves and the best time of the day where our creative mind is on full tilt. Note: this is a great time in which to find solutions to resolve those problems with plot/script/series ideas/character issues that are hampering your writing.

Now – just as we are all different – one thing that unites us is sleep – and with that,  the ability to dream as this has a unique function of utilising the right-hand side of our brain with all its imaginative, creative and problem solving aspects. And although some may not remember their dreams in the morning, the reality is that for the majority of us, our brain with be right-hand orientated and ready to be creative – through also note the warning posted at bottom of page.

As a result, when we wake – particularly if we find ourselves in a place of semi-sleep – our brain is aligned perfectly to unleash our imagination which in turn will provide ideas and solutions to the issues in the script we are struggling with. I have found this to be so effective that I now keep a large A3 sketch book beside my bed in which to make notes – see photo above which is this morning’s jotted ideas for a TV series ‘Elodie’ and the character issues which came to me in a 5 minute window.

[REALLY IMPORTANT – use a pencil rather than a pen as nothing stifles the creative process more than a pen that dries up when writing in an inverted position for longer than a minute (especially if it elicits anger as you shake it vigorously]

I also use a hard covered A3 book as it offers plenty of room to write (without turning on to other pages) while also allowing me the space to hold it upright while lying down.

Okay, over to you. Be creative –

WARNING – if you start thinking about all the things you need to do when you wake, the creative muse will disappear from you in an instance! Make notes- then worry 🙂

ps photo inspired by Tracey Emin’s ‘My Bed’  installation  but somehow I just couldn’t manage that degree of untidiness 🙂


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