Are you putting your best foot forward?

February 5, 2020
Bob Eckhard


Obviously I can’t speak for every writer who is reading this but if – as a creative- you’re anything like me, you probably engage in a daily struggle that is best described as ‘writing’ versus ‘admin.’

For many of us, it results in a desk that is littered with scribbled notes, half-edited scripts, a plethora of pens and pencils – none of which can be found under the sea of paper – and a whole load of other stuff that obscures scissors and stapler when you need them most!

Now, great as it is to have a mindset that just wants to write, draw, paint, compose, film, sculpt, direct (et al), we also need to be equally proactive in getting our ideas out there to those who are looking for projects to produce. In this regard, those who are creative are not always so keen – probably because it falls under the category of ‘admin’…

 but let me suggest one idea that will not only motivate you to complete your creative pieces sooner but can and will assist producers to assess your potential for future work.

I refer of course to the frequently updated cv.

I have had one on Linkedin for many years now but more recently I have adapted a page on my bobeckhardwriter website to show my finished projects and what I am currently working on – see mine by clicking here.

One reason for providing a continuously updating cv is that it helps producers understand what it is you write and (more importantly) the length of time it took.

Or put another way, the question is not just ‘are we creative?’  but ‘what is the frequency of our creativity over a week, month, year?’

Should a producer give us a project, can we get it made in the required time that is asked of us and to a quality and standard they are expecting?’

So what are you waiting for – tidy that desk (just a bit) and update your cv today!


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