What is the value of a produced script?

May 28, 2019
Bob Eckhard

Hi all,

Apologies if you’re searching for part 2 of the writing for animation mini-series – in my defence, I did say it will be a drip feed over the next two months but I can tell you now that the second instalment will be with you next week. In the meantime…

A few insights into the value of a produced script.

As some of you may know, earlier this year I produced a comedy farce which played at a west London theatre for four weeks. While one of my reasons for doing this was my belief in the script I’d written, another was centred on my desire to not be thwarted by gatekeepers.

Now, while as a newbie I imagined a stage writing credit served to look good on my cv, I never thought it would open as many doors as it has – to date, my script has been requested by a film director and TV producer. It has also presumably been influential in leading an animation company to contact me. Of the three, all have offered me writing projects as a result of that which was written and produced (and I am following up on two of them).

In addition, the credit also facilitated my recent application to BAFTA as part of Bafta Crew which I couldn’t have entered without having one. Having submitted it, for one brief moment, I thought I’d been successful in my application. Indeed, I even received an email that said as much – only for my hopes to be dashed minutes later as I received another email telling me (along with other hopefuls) that the first email notification had been sent out in error. ($@!*^$)

Q) So what is the value of a produced script?

A) Well, it shows people you are a safe pair of hands – that you have production experience – and you can be trusted to get it written/made/whatever

Okay, believe me: I’m going to keep on bleating ¬†about this until all of you do it. So don’t wait for that elusive competition win to come calling – it may never happen. Instead, become a winner and produce yourself.

As I write this Panayiota Pantelli’s play is showing in Hackney. Taz Emm has made a film for the Impact 50 (myself too) and another friend from Talent Campus 3 is raising money to put on a play of the film that he’s writing. Bottom line is that your future is in your hands so start to make this happen for yourself.

Til next week


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