What is the value of a produced script?

June 3, 2021
Bob Eckhard

Hi all,

Following on from our series on the value of getting things produced, I thought it would be good to consider its benefit in the long-term scheme of things.

As some of you will know, back in 2019 I wrote, directed and produced a comedy farce and a dark dystopian drama. They both  played at a west London theatre for four weeks.

One of the reasons for doing this was

  1. a  belief in the script that  I had written and a sense it deserved to be on the stage
  2. a refusal to allow script/production gatekeepers to determine what does and doesn’t get made.

Now, while as a newbie I imagined a stage writing credit would be a great addition to my cv, I never thought it would open as many doors as it did – to date, my script has been requested by a film director and TV producer. It has also been influential in  an animation company contacting me (through LinkedIn) to provide a writing sample for their (then) biographical cartoon idea. Of the three, all have offered me writing projects and -as a result – I followed up on two of them.

In addition, the two stage writing credits facilitated my recent application to BBC Drama Writers initiative (back in July 20) – you needed two to enter. Now, although that opportunity didn’t provide me with a win, it was good to know I was entered in something where I stood a much better chance. That said,  I did  recently do okay in a BBC Writersroom window which has got me wondering

‘ Does  taking production into your own hands initiate a sense of confidence and belief that gives us courage and a front foot approach when engaging with projects?’ 

Q) So what is the value of a produced script?

A) Well, it shows people you are a safe pair of hands – that you have production experience – and you can be trusted to get it written/made/whatever

Q) And the takeaway?

A) Don’t wait for that elusive competition win to come calling – if you wait it may never happen. Instead, become a winner and produce yourself.

Bottom line is that just like your writing/creative ventures, your future is in your own hands – not the gatekeepers! So start to make this happen for yourself today!

Til next week


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