Are you making space for networking?

June 11, 2019
Bob Eckhard

Hi all,

Yes, yes, I know I’m late advertising the above opportunity – to be honest, I only came across it a few weeks ago – but having returned from The Media Production Show today, I wanted to give you a heads up on next year’s dates so that you don’t miss out, which are:

13-14th May 2020 @ Olympia, London.   (Put it in the diary now!!!)

Now while a few of you will ask what benefit a media production show is to writers, for me it has been a fantastic opportunity to meet other creatives, make contacts, talk to some about my projects and even pitch an idea or three. Indeed, today at lunch, I met  a respected Norwegian cinematographer and (explaining I was a writer) asked if he would like my card which he was happy to take.

Another benefit has been the multitude of seminars that run continuously during the day, offering something for everyone. Yesterday, I attended an excellent discussion on the ‘State of the Nation:UK Drama’ with representatives from Sister Pictures, Kudos and Drama Republic giving their astute insights into the current state of the TV industry – which turns out to be very encouraging as the money is still flowing in to these projects.

In summary, so often writers lament that they can’t get their script in front of producers or filmmakers and yet here is an event that is crammed full of opportunity. Obviously, I think it helps if you come having directed, produced or assisted with a project  – if for no other reason you’ll need something to talk about when you meet the CEO –  but if for no other reason, it’s a brilliant opportunity to meet people and make friends.

Looking forward to seeing you there next year!


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