What are the benefits of blogging?

April 30, 2019
Bob Eckhard

Okay, time for a short break from the pros and cons of writing different formats. Instead, let us consider the ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ of writing a regular blog which (in terms of social media) is a great way to grow your online presence, make friends, assist others and hopefully come to the attention of people in the industry.

Now, I’m guessing most of you think I only have this website. Well,  actually, I have 4 websites and post a different blog on each one every week – my four websites includes:

  • a writer website (this one),
  • two theological websites (with infor and ebooks, apps etc)
  • a production website (for plays and short films).

Initially, my interest in social media was fuelled while attending Talent Campus course (2.0). It was 2016 and London Screenwriter Festival’s Chris Jones was leading a session on social media – actually, the whole course was excellent and I’d recommend it all but this aspect particularly appealed to me as I realised I needed to start being more proactive both in networking in person but also online.

What follows are some handy notes taken from the session with Chris but what I really want to convey is that since I have started blogging, it seems to be generating interest on both Google and Linkedin with more of my projects showing up in search engine results. Okay here is the skinny to getting started.

  • Do get yourself a website or blogging page
  • Do write all your blogs in advance (Set aside a day and write blogs ahead of yourself so your creative writing is not interrupted)
  • Do give regular updates
  • Do befriend influencers and become one yourself
  • Do know your audience
  • Do be authentic, honest and entertaining.
  • Do make sure you have something to say in your blogs
  • (Key) Do contribute and interact
  • Do create new relationships
  • Do consolidate existing relationships
  • Do create extra value for yourself (influence, reach, relationships)

and the things to avoid

  • paying for social media consultants
  • bland posts with no aesthetics
  • asking others you hardly know to re-tweet or share your project
  • lengthy breaks between updates – as this loses audience continuity
  • posting stupid media that causes others to unsubscribe or stop following you – e.g.) Dog in a dress
  • Forgetting to include links in the body of the email.

And finally…the golden rule of blogging:

…for every post you write make sure you have at least 3 platforms on which to share it.

This post is written on my website but the link to the blog will also be posted in the 10 FB groups I am actively engaged on or associated with.

Now…off you go and get networking

ps Find my notes on Chris Jones session on social media by clicking here





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