Funding and opportunities

August 22, 2017
Bob Eckhard


Okay, today’s offering is a handy pdf link for funding, jobs, grants and writing opportunities which I don’t think many people know about. I discovered it a few years ago when I applied to Spread the Word (STW) for a script read and one-to-one feedback on a TV series idea. Unfortunately for TV and screen writers, STW no longer offer this as they major heavily on prose and poetry thesedays but do search through the links as there are some real opportunities out there waiting to be discovered.

The PDF below was initially set up by Literature Training which now redirects to the National Association of Writers in Education  (NAWE) who offer loads of competitions for short story writers, novelists and poets. For filmmakers, TV and screen writers, the regional links and bursary opportunities offer other avenues. I quickly checked it out and a good number of the links still work. Happy researching!



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