‘Themeline’ – the poisoned apple?

September 18, 2018
Bob Eckhard

Today’s offering comes from writer, film producer and festival speaker Scott Myers who was recently teaching at the London Screenwriter Festival. In one of his sessions he taught on the two stories that can be found in most films, plays, etc.

  1. The first story is the one that occurs in the physical realm with the hero battling against antagonist and all the physical challenges this brings.
  2. The second story that accompanies it is the concealed – ‘read between the lines’ saga – that charts the hero’s emotional trauma as she or he tries to overcome their fear and step up to the mark.

Interestingly, the hero’s emotional through-line is as important and as satisfying as the main story itself – and yet sadly often undeveloped by many writers in the scripts they write.

With this in mind, I am including some notes from a session with writer and media consultant Laurie Hutzler on the internal working of the protagonist/hero that can be found by clicking  here.

All the best as you plan your two stories and dovetail theme and plot together into a well crafted script that will cover all bases!

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