Thinking production – utilising your camera or mobile phone?

August 5, 2019
Bob Eckhard

One of the hardest things with producing anything is doing it for the first time – be that an art collection/installation that will be exhibited, a novel, creating a podcast and distributing it, writing, directing and producing a stage play or researching and writing an ebook complete with meta data, etc.

For most creatives, the thing that thwarts them is not the idea but rather the new skillset that is required in order for the project to get off the ground. (Oh, that everything in life was as easy as writing a clever logline to our great screenplay idea).

For me, my creative Achiles Heel is making films – don’t get me wrong, I’m desperate to make them and have made a few short films but I’ve often been left beholding to friends who have provided the necessary production skillsets of filming, recording sound, editing, colourist, acting, special effects, etc. And I’m guessing that for many of you, the lack of filming skillsets in your creative armoury are the things that would make you think twice about embarking on it.

And yet, making a film thesedays is far easier than you think. Last Summer – signing up for an online animation course run by Cecile Noldus – I ended up creating several Stop-Motion animation films on my iPhone which was a lot of fun and really helpful in educating me in the physical piecing and placing of action scenes together.

Since then, I have bought a digital camera (ideal for making longer films) which I am taking to Ireland  to create a variety of short films that will accompany a range of poems I wrote 20+ years ago – I am seeing it as a chance for me to practice framing the shot, editing the frames, adding sound, developing craft and basic production. And let me say if I can do it, the majority of you can!

Okay, those wishing to get started with the basics , you can find out more about the Stop-Motion animation app by clicking here

Though don’t forget most computers  have their own basic filmmaking suite and editing software such as Movie Maker for you to make that short or film trailer or prose background or whatever.

Til next time


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