Open Road to Better Planning?

September 25, 2018
Bob Eckhard

Hi all,

Today’s offering is a follow up on last week’s post about how every script should have two stories within it:

– one charting what physically happens in the story (plotline).

– the other charting the protagonist’s emotional journey (theme line) that results in him/her overcoming to win through in the end.

Now- while at the London Screenwriter Festival I came up with an idea of how I might structure plot and theme together – see it here  Also, a rather rushed set of notes I took during Scott Myer’s session on ‘Creating Compelling Protagonists’ that can be found here

Basically the vertical black line down the middle seperates PLOTLINE (left half) from  THEMELINE (right half).

The three black horizontal lines mark: ACT 1 (TOP SECTION), ACT 2a (BELOW), ACT 2B (ABOVE BOTTOM) and ACT 3 (BOTTOM).

As you will see, the (LH side) ‘Plotline’ is nearing completion with the (RH side) ‘Themeline’ still a work in progress…as I search through my notes to find/edit the essentials onto my planning aid memoir.

Finally, do consider checking out Scott Myer’s online educational resources via Go Into the Story

All the best




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