Generating story ideas from photos? (part 2)

September 3, 2019
Bob Eckhard

Photo - Bob Eckhard. 'Stone slab bridge over simpering stream...'

Those of you who read my last post will know I left you with the task of developing a story idea for each of the 4 photos I took while in Ireland.  See below for photos 3 & 4-which we will consider today – click here to see larger images of the 4 photos)

3 The Gearaghclick here for more                                                                                                        This picture shows a flooded forest – known as the Gearagh – which was once densely populated with ancient oak trees from one of the last surviving forests in Western Europe. That was until a decision was made to flood the region to facilitate a supply of water to power stations to service the nearby city of Cork and other towns. While the wetlands they created have resulted it a place of outstanding beauty with a diverse ecological system, from a filmic perspective we might ask what else lurks beneath its murky waters? What monster or entity might come forth to seek revenge for the destruction of its environment  for the advance of science and technology? Moreover, do the trees still live and if so, are they seeking revenge?


4. Bright light in dense forest.

For me, the most obvious choice of film idea from this photo, involve aliens. Maybe a story about a couple who trek through a forest only to encounter an alien life form. Or maybe the genre is fantasy?  Something about a gateway into a mystical world such as ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ where there is a portal into another time or dimension? Or something current to our situation in which a future world is fashioned out of ecological disaster where people are no longer able to venture outside during the day for fear that the sunlight will burn/blind/kill them. Now, add a story of two children who embark on a journey to find their parents who have been lost on route to them while travelling through a drought-ridden environment on route to them and we have a real survival story to tease out.

So there you have it! Four photos (over two weeks), all with multiple possibilities of genre? format? structure? protagonist? etc. It’s really up to you. Till next time…keep the creative fires burning!

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