The Seven Deadly Sins of Writing?

November 11, 2018
Bob Eckhard

Hi all,

A few years ago I came across an online resource with some handy tips as to things to watch out for when editing your scripts. Personally, I wouldn’t have called them ‘deadly’ sins because there are far worse things in a script like confused genre, a protagonist who isn’t active in the story, one dimensional characters and no theme. All of these have been the death knell of many a script.

That said, a poorly edited script can be problematic if grammar and typos cause the reader to think that your work is less than professional. Well worth a look at this resource if only to discover that one mistake you keep making (that others see) and you are blissfully unaware of.

Okay, connect with their online resource website here

…or my downloadable PDF of it by clicking here

Til next time,

Happy editing you eager beavers!

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