Planning for Creativity

December 4, 2019
Bob Eckhard


Hi all,

I don’t know about you but it seems that being a creative often results in living with an untidy desk. By that I mean, a space which is barely visible amongst hastily scribbled notes on paper that need to be typed up, post it notes with clever ideas for plugging the plot holes and character inconsistency, or a thousand and one other things like ‘buy milk’ or ‘Blood Test.’

Now, while there is scientific evidence to suggest a cluttered desktop – adorned with a tapestry of ‘post it’ notes – is the sign of a ‘creative’ in full flow, it does sometimes seem that a ‘tipping point’ exists in which our freedom of creative expression oversteps the mark and creates a work place that is unmanageable because a lack of organisation affects our ability to write.

With this in mind, today’s post is all about ‘mounted white boards’ (ooh!) which are really useful in tracking the progress of multiple ongoing projects.  In the accompanying video (that can be found by clicking here or at the link at the bottom of page) these are my wall boards and they track left to right. (Maybe for some it will be useful?)

LH board identifies if the project is at stage of: idea/treatment/plot-plan/writing or edit.

Middle board identifies completed projects as;  ‘Good to Go’ (aka ‘Ready to Send’) and ‘Action’ or ‘Develop in another way”

RH board is my production board that charts the progress of short films ideas – be they story, poems, music or (non-narrative) TV format ideas as they progress through the stages of :

Preparation (aka writing)      Storyboarding      Filming      and Editing

Obviously, being ‘Creatives’ we all have our own ideas and ways of developing a system that works for us which is essential if we really want to up the stakes on our productivity in regard to writing and producing. Okay, please find a very short ‘grainy’ film of my organisational practice by clicking here  Til next week..


ps In case any of you are wondering about my choice of colour coding (for the magnetic strips) the key is

Green = TV pilot  Blue = screenplay  Red = stage play  Yellow = radio play


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