Blossom 2020 (Producer attached)

Low-budget feature length family drama about a recovering alcoholic and his attempts to gain visiting rights to see his daughter.

When estranged father Tom is called upon to look after the daughter he hasn’t seen for ten years, the pair bond. Leaving hospital, his wife refuses to let Tom visit, forcing a showdown in court.’



Stan Farland’s Last Chance (Screenwriter Goldmine Quarterfinalist 2015)

Feature length supernatural thriller about a corrupt businessman who is approached by the devil and offered three opportunities to make changes to his life in exchange for his soul.

‘Corrupt businessman Stan Mc Greggor accepts an offer from the devil to go back and reverse three decisions made in his life. Only problem is, with two wishes spent, Stan has no intention of giving up his soul.’


Dark Water – The River Rises (Screenwriter Goldmine Quarterfinalist 2013) 






Ice from the North

A scientist’s relentless pursuit of publishing his scientific findings jeopardises his personal relationships and comes at great